Erectile Dysfunction – Diagnosis, Facts and Role of the Penis Pump to Solve the Problem

Commonly referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man cannot get an erection or an erection that is good enough to have satisfying sexual intercourse. It’s a male condition that is common enough and studies indicate that one in every ten males suffers from ED. Men suffer from ED at any given point of their lives as a result of various causes. More often than not, the reasons for a man suffering from ED are psychological or a result of hormonal imbalance.

Erectile dysfunction — Diagnosis

Though there are two major causes of ED, the causes are not just limited to the two. In order to discern the exact cause of the condition, the doctor will have to conduct different tests. The first step in the process of diagnosis will be a thorough review of a patient’s medical history. Post the review; a complete physical examination will be conducted. Moreover, a doctor might also require information about the patient’s personal and sexual history. Also an important part of the diagnosis process is the fact that the patient’s sexual partner might also be asked a few pertinent questions.

Some of the tests that could be used for the diagnosis include Lipid Profile, Blood hormone studies, Urinalysis, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Thyroid Function Tests (TFT), penile biothesiometry, nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT, duplex ultrasound and liver and kidney function test, amongst various others.

Erectile dysfunction — Important facts

Each medical condition has a few important facts associated with it. Erectile dysfunction is no different. Here are some of the important facts about ED:

  • Only if the inability to sustain an erection becomes repetitive is it called an erectile dysfunction
  • It is a common problem affecting men
  • It is not related to age
  • Erectile dysfunction could be an associated symptom of various diseases like vascular disorders, diabetes and multiple sclerosis  Erectile dysfunction clinic
  • This condition could be the forerunner of serious medical conditions affecting the heart or the blood vessels of the body
  • Erectile dysfunction is not a condition that men should be embarrassed about as it can be treated effectively
  • The first step towards the treatment of erectile dysfunction is to accept it and talk to your doctor

The Penis pump — An answer to erectile dysfunction problem

Penis pumps are being integrated as the definitive answer to the erectile dysfunction problem faced by a man. Moreover, quite a number of advertising campaigns that you must have come across also claim that the use of the penis pump increases the size of the penis. While that might be the case; what cannot be doubted is that the use of a penis pump will help you achieve erection in order to have a satisfying sexual experience. It’s inherently a means of sustaining the erection through the duration of the sexual activity.

The Penis pump — Solving erectile problems

A penis pump basically consists of a pump, a cylinder and a constriction ring. The pump could either be motorized (battery operated) or operated by hand. The cylinder is fitted over the penis and the pump is used to create a kind of suction. The whole point of the apparatus is to create vacuum around the penis. As a result, blood flows into the penis, engorging it. This helps you to get an erection. Moreover, once the penis is erect the constriction rings need to be pushed towards the base of the erect penis before the vacuum is released. What constriction rings do is that they help in the restriction of the blood flow and help in maintaining the erections.

Care must be maintained while you pump. Also to ensure that you don’t cause injury to your penis, it’s important that you remove the constriction rings after a maximum time frame of 30 minutes. This is the recommended time limit.

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